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Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year West Coast

Another year has passed. It's been an interesting one on The Long Beach Peninsula and for us here at Long Beach Radio.  From tragic local events through personal and regional celebrations it's been an honor for me to share them with the community.  In Tofino there was a dramatic municipal election that will be a major factor in the years ahead, we lost 2 local heroes in the horrific ambulance accident this spring and some lost friends and family.  Others, I know, have celebrated new lives and new beginnings through weddings, new jobs and other new adventures.

Personally, I feel 2011 was another positive step toward realising what I hoped for when I moved to The West Coast almost 5 years ago. I feel closer to my neighbours, more connected to the community and ever more proud of the role I can play in it.  I was touched when listeners told me how comforting my broadcasts were during our own tsunami advisory after the quake in Japan and when folks would share jokes or stories that were related to some of our programming.  I'd like to say Thank You for supporting Long Beach Radio and making it possible for me to have such a fulfilling job in such a fascinating place.

As we look ahead to 2012 we can't really know what will come.

At Long Beach Radio we've set a few things in motion; The fun addition of Elby, the new Long Beach Radiobile who will soon be attending fun shindigs and charity events around town. We've taken steps to improve our emergency broadcasy abilities should the need arise.  We have a great group of local hosts keeping the evenings live and adding colour to the programming that I think is the heart of local small-town radio.

As a community we have much to look forward to;  The return of Feast BC after a successful run in 2011 already has my mouth watering.  I've also hear that the Tofino Saltwater Calssic fishing derby is a go again this year with an official press release coming soon. Perhaps we'll see some progress on the West Coast Multiplex and the growth of long standing events like Ukee Days, Whale Festival, The Queen of The Peak and (here's hoping) The O'Neill Cold Water Classic.

Of course The Canucks Stanley Cup win will be nice too.

I can't wait to see it unfold and share it with you.  Take care of each other and see you in the new year.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio,  Geoff

Friday, December 23, 2011

Storm Advisory For The Pacific Rim National Park Region

Looks like a stormy couple of days over Christmas in Tofino and Ucluelet.  Here are the details from an advisory issues by the park.

"Vancouver Island's Pacific Rim National Park are warning visitors about massive waves, gale force winds and hazardous surf conditions this holiday season.

We are asking the public to exercise extra caution while visiting beaches, shorelines and ocean waters in the Ucluelet, B.C., and Tofino area between Dec. 23 and Dec. 29.

Gale force winds could reach near 64 km/h and waves could climb to six metres in height — at a time when the island’s west coast is also expecting the highest tides of the year.
The storm conditions could flood beaches and cause massive logs to float.

Some parking lots and beaches could be closed temporarily, but individuals can watch the storms safely from the observation deck at Wickaninnish Beach and the lookout at Florencia Bay."

Play safe, enjoy your Holidays and perhaps most importantly GO CANUCKS!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elby's First Work Day

Well, our newest team member, Elby started work today. I was going to be easy on her but she seemed so keen to get to work we started her with am important task; Go to Windsor Plywood and pick up the new generator.  Sounds easy, but for a fourty year old car you never know... Turns out it was easy.
Here I am gushing about it all;

Here's an album of Photos in West Coast locations and posing with other great west coast cars from Elby's own Facebook Page:

Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome Elby

We've made a new friend, her name (for now) is Elby. She's a 1972 Volkswagen Type 3 Square Back.  Once we've got her all trained up she's gonna be hauling Long Beach Radio folks to all sorts of fun places like the Pacific Rim Whalefest Parade, The Queen of The Peak Surf Competition, The Ukee Days Show and Shine.... Heck maybe we'll even see what we can manage at the Thunder in The Valley Drag Races in Port Alberni.

We'll have some fun contests coming up as we get closer to her official fist day on the job... maybe a naming contests or perhaps a chance to help design a new look for her.  In the mean time you can follow her adventures from own page on our website HERE or on her very own Facebook Page HERE

Here's a picture of Elby so you'll recognize her when you see her at the beach

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bobby Lax's Last Show For 2 Months

Just a little post for Bobby Lax's fan(s).  Bobby is wandering off for a bit and won't be co-hosting an episode of Friday Funk Food Hour again til mod February. So, if you need a Bobby Lax fix before that here's the Bobby bits from his last show of 2011, this morning.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio (PS. I'm going to Prince tomorrow)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My thoughts on the Japanese Tsunami Debris

I've been reading and talking with people quite a bit lately about debris on our beaches that seems to have come from Japan. Most recently and most worryingly HERE on Live To Surf's Blog.  Whether or not these particular items are from the March 2011 tsunami in Japan isn't really important, we know that many tons of debris are heading this way.  In a fairly unprecedented situation we don't know exactly how much will wash up on our shoreline and what it will take to deal with it.

So what are we going to do about it?

I know Surfrider will be busy, both locally and all over the Pacific Coast and there are a ton of volunteers and good, beach loving folks that will be doing a great deal to keep beaches and coastlines intact.

What if these people are overwhelmed? What if, as some have predicted, we are inundated with rusted automobiles, capsized fishing boats, buildings and other large items that you can't simply pick  up and put in a bin.

Could the fallout of beaches littered with Toyotas or just tons of dimensional lumber mean damage to the tourism industry? Could objects in the water inferfere with aquaculture installations or other businesses? In a worst case scenario I think it could, so how can we prepare?

Maybe the answer is in the questions above.  What if we could attract visitors to the coast in order to clean up the beaches. Could people be convinced to spend some of their vacation time cleaning up the beach or raising funds for some of the cleanup efforts that will require professionals or heavy equipment? 

I think that enough people love the Long Beach Peninsula, Barkley and Clayoquot, and might be willing, more might agree if there were additional incentives. Perhaps a "third night free" or a book of coupons from local businesses could be given to those who donate a certain portion of time to local beach cleanup efforts. Week long surf (or kayak, etc) camps with a beach cleanup component could be organized with discounted rates and the community component attracting youth organizations.

It may be a sort of utopian or even selfish vision I have. Wage slaves from around the world spending their hard-earned money and valuable vacation time to clean up beaches in a relatively wealthy corner of the world.  Especially given that those beaches are being sullied by debris from a disaster that is still very real in Japan where aid could perhaps be of more use.  If my "solution" is any solution at all it won't likely offer much help to the more remote coast line either, it will only be a cosmetic fix in the convenient "vacation destination" portion of our region. I'm not the smartest guy around, I just have a loud voice so please let me know if you have ideas.

Maybe it's my own laziness that has me thinking "how can I get someone else to do it".

Hopefully, it won't be a serious problem and the quantity of Japanese flotsum will be managable with existing resources. I just thought it would be a good thing to get some dialog going about it and see what we come up with.

Thanks for reading, please comment if you have some ideas or insight, Geoff.

On another note, here's the audio from this morning's interview and live performance with Bonny Glambeck and Kalilah

Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 Long Beach Radio Pacific Rim Hospice Society Radiothon Results

Preliminary results are in from the 4th Annual Pacific Rim Hospice Society Fund Raising Radiothon.  It looks like the radiothon raised about $10,160.

For The Raffle Items;

The winner of the autographed, ridden Pete DeVries surf board is Jim Harvey of Ucluelet

The winner of the autographed, game used Brendan Morrison hockey stick is Anne Branscomb

For The Silent Auction;

The Long Beach Lodge Dinner went to Brendan Morrison for $700

The Shelter Dinner went to Cameron Dennison for $600

The West Coast Carved Art Package from George Yearsley and The House of Himwitsa went to Gordon Johnson for $550

The Mark Hobson Print went to Marnie Saunders for $300

Here is some audio from a few of the entertainers who came in;
The Carollers

Daniel Sky

Julie Robinson

Left at the Junction


Smalltown Empire

Caroline Woodward

Thanks to everyone who gave their time, energy, a gift or financially to the Hospice Radiothon.  Hope we can do it all again next year.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pacific Rim Hospice Society Radiothon Friday December 9th

Our 4th annual Pacific Rim Hospice Society Radio Athon today, Friday December 9th.  We'll be bringing you a fun mix of entertainment, information about hospice and a variety of ways you can give to hospice all day will 7pm. Not only will ALL your money go to Hospice to help individuals and families dealing with end of life issues but you'll get a gift in return from one of our generous local businesses. 
All donors, big or small will be entered to win a signed, ridden Pete Devries surf board and a signed, game used Brendan Morrsion hockey stick!!! More details near the bottom of the page.

Many business have made amazing donations, all items were provided to hospice at no charge including space at the Co-op stores, Long Beach Radio's services so all your money goes directly to the Pacific Rim Hospice Society.

(not so) Silent Auction Items: 
Bids MUST be placed with Geoff in the studio in one of the following ways;
Ask the volunteers at the Co op store to call me
Call direct at (250) 725-4411 (if I don't answer leave a message as I may be on the air)
twitter: @longbeachradio
drop into the studio (if you can find it)

Dinner for six with wine pairings at Shelter: Current Bid $600 Cam Dennison

Dinner for six with wine pairings in The Long Beach Lodge's Great Room: Current Bid $700 Brendan Morrison

West Coast Carved Art package featuring;
Patrick Amos Raven’s Mask from The House of Himwitsa
George Yearsley carved feather donated by the artist
Current Bid: $550 Gordon Johnson

George will custom engrave the base for the donor who wins the auction

Mark Hobson, Limited Giclee Print entitled Rosie Bay; Current bid $300 Marnie Saunders
Mark Hobson has also donated some calendars featuring his art for smaller donations

Gift Items
No Bid required, give to hospice, get a gift!! These items are available locally and immediately at the Tofino and Ucluelet Co op stores

If you are listening online contact Geoff at the contact info below to assure your item is still available then you can donate @ and leave a comment about the item you are interested in. We will make arrangements to deliver the item somewhere for you here on the coast or ship it at the donors expense.

Call direct at (250) 725-4411 (if I don't answer leave a message as I may be on the air)
twitter: @longbeachradio

24 weeks worth of vegitables from Green Soul Organics

A Night and $50 toward dinner at Fetch in The Blackrock Resort

Todd Byrnes Photo Giclee from Todd and Chesterman Beach B_B

An assortment of cards, plaques and calendars featuring the art of Roy Henry Vickers from The Eagle Earie Gallery

Family Whale Waching Adventure from Jamie's Whaling Station

Cedar Art Piece from Remote Passages Marine Excurions

Two tickets to a Vancouver Canadians ball game at Nat Bailey Stadium

Patagonia Climbing Jacket and a copy of The Whaling People from Tofino Sea Kayaking

18 holes of golf at Fairwinds in Nanaimo and accommodations at Best Western Chemainus

Gift Certificate from Schooner Restaurant

Dental check-up and Teeth whitening from Tofino Dental Clinic

Reflexology with Linda Baril

Certificats for Breakfast and Dinner at The Calm Waters Dining Room in The Tin Wis Resort

A massage from Breedom

Surf lessons with Pacific Surf School

Acupuncture with Robyn and Massage from Arbutus

(One heck of a) Haircut from Studio One

Assorted Books written by Adrienne Mason

Soaps, Body Oil and Lotions from Sea Wench Naturals

Home theatre system from the Manoah Masonic Lodge

Two tickets to an Alberni Valley Bull Dogs hockey game

Two 1-year advertising certificates for a listing on The Tofino App
Thanks to the Tofino App for helping promote the radiothon as well

Bag and scarf from Covet

Trip for 4 to Meares Island with Ocean Outfitters

Brunch for two at Pointe Restuarant in The Wickaninnish Inn

Car or Boat Detailing and Rock Chip Repair from Urgel's

$100 worth of Vet Services from Alberni Valley Veterinary Clinic
Thanks for keeping Duncan and 'The Stig' (Geoff's cats) healthy

Spa style basket of goodies from MacDermott's Insurance

Long Beach Surf Shop has donated an O'Neill wetsuit!! They'll even let you trade it in for one that fits you
Long Beach Surf has also made a generous cash donation. Thanks for your continued support

2 hour private knitting course from Knits By The Seas
A knitting lesson I had (on air) a while back was great fun!
Pizza Certificates from Red Can Gourmet

$50 Gift Certificate from Beach Petal Flower Designs

Roaster Oven, Christmas Dinner, Queen Bed Set and under counter CD player/ radio from The Tofino CO OP as well as a cash donation
Items may not be exactly as shown
Creative Salmon has already made a cash donation

APC computer battery device from Tofino Tech
Rubio has donated one of their beautiful hand-blown glass vases

The Place TV has 2 -$50 Gift certificates for donors

Anne Week from Smalltown Empire has offered guitar lessons!

Gift Certificates from Ukee Dogs

Buffalo Wool Socks from Du-Quah Gallery

Chocolate Santas from Chocolate Tofino

Assorted cards and prints from Reflecting Spirit Gallery

Gift Certificate from The Common Loaf Bakery

Pizza Vouchers from Tony's Pizza

Chiropractic Services from Pacific Rim Chiropractic

A Gold Ring from Second Hand Cargo
May not be exactly as shown
Gift Certificates from The Blue Room Bistro

Ice Crusher from Norwoods

Sculptures from Cloud Break Gallery
May not be as shown
Hot dog warmer from People's Drug Mart
May not be as shown
Gift Certificates from The Crow's Nest

Gift Certificates from Pina

French Press from Epicure Selections
May not be as shown
Matted Watercolor from Ursula Banke
May not be exactly as show
I may have missed some items so be sure to have a look around the table at the Ucluelet and Tofino Co op stores!!

Two fun items will be a surf board courtesy of local pro-surfer Pete DeVries and a hockey stick donated by the NHL's Brendan Morrison, these are sepeate raffle items thats any donor has a chance to win, making them a great addition. The board is one of his AKA signature models, that has been ridden and signed by Pete. The hockey stick is game used and signed as well.
Handsome pro surfer not included
Handsome pro hockey player not included

Last year Vancouver Island musician Wil donated one of his guitars for a similar sort of raffle. Here's a short interview with Wil about that.

Speaking of guitars and music, here are some bits from people who have contributed entertainment to the Radio Athon over the years. If you are a musician, writer, poet, actor, comedian or other entertainer and you would be willing to come to the studio get in touch, we'd love to have you.
Natasha from LPH Beast

Duncan Booth

Ron Weeks from Small Town Empire


Some Gypsies (Richard and Isabelle)

We try to keep the mood light throughout the day while educating people on the services hospice provides through interviews with hospice volunteers and clients. Here are some from past Radio Athons.

Pacific Rim Hospice Society Coordinator Kim Hoag

Long Beach Radio's Own Cam Dennison

Hospice Client Carol Foster, this interview was an amazing experience for me

Hospice Volunteer Therese Bouchard

Last year we also had an amazing story of generosity toward strangers that we were able to share.  Many thanks to the Burt family for sharing their story.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you aren't able to give to the Pacific Rim Hospice Radio Athon it would be a great help simply to have us tuned in on your radio at work December 9th to help spread awareness. Speaking of spreading awareness, thanks to the many other media outlets that have already helped us get the word out; Westerly News, Tofino Time Magazine,, The Tofino App
Also Thanks you to Seaview Communications for some technical assistance

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask;
Call direct at (250) 725-4411 (if I don't answer leave a message as I may be on the air)
twitter: @longbeachradio

Thanks for reading, we hope you take the time to tune in on Friday, December 9th.for your