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Advertise on LBR

Advertising on Long Beach Radio is easy and more affordable than you might think

We are a great media for informing locals of your new business or changes in hours and offering of your long term local business

With a growing number of international online listeners and increased efforts to make ourselves visible to tourist Long Beach Radio is also a fantastic tool for connecting to the region's many visitors

As a "real-time" media we are also able to run short-term and last minute marketing campaigns that other local media cannot, often an ad campaign can start running on the same day you call us

Here are some simple sample templates to give you a starting point... basically a 30 second ad during day-time is $6.75+tax;

Long Beach Radio simple campaign templates

General Weekly Rotation *per ad rate is reduced for longer term, higher quantity orders

Weekly A
4 ads daily x 7 days a week: 28 ads/ week 28x $6.75 = $189/ week

Weekly B
3 ads daily x 7 days a week: 21 ads/ week 21x $6.75 = $141.75/ week

Weekly C
2 ads daily x 7 days a week: 14 ads/ week 14x $6.75 = $94.50/ week

Weekly D
1 ad daily x 7 days a week: 7ads/ week 7x $6.75 = 47.25/ week

Weekend Sale (or event)
*higher rotation days can be changed for mid-week sales/ events

Weekend Sale A
3 ads daily Monday to Wednesday plus 5 ads daily Thursday to Sunday: 29ads/ week
29x $6.75 = $195.75

Weekend Sale B
2 ads daily Monday to Wednesday plus 4 ads daily Thursday to Sunday: 22ads/ week
22x $6.75 = $148.50

Weekend Sale C
1 ad daily Monday to Wednesday plus 3 ads daily Thursday to Sunday: 15/ week
15x $6.75 = $101.25

Little and Local
*Because every business should be able to benefit from radio promotion

3 daytime ads weekly and 4 overnight ads weekly spread evenly through the week
3xDT $6.75 + 4xON $2.00 = $28.25/ week (minimum 8 weeks)

Notes on campaigns;

-Custom campaigns including on-location broadcasting are available

-All templates are based on 30 second ads in daytime rotation (6am to 9pm) unless otherwise indicated

-60 second ads can be used for a 40% additional fee

-Overnight ads (9pm and 6am) can be added to any campaign for $2 each ($2.75 for 60s)

-15 second sponsor tags for weather, surf report, etc. are available, inventory permitting for $5.50 each (minimum 7/week)

-Larger campaigns are subject to quantity discounts

-Invoices are sent monthly, you may pay by check or credit card on a monthly basis or make prepayment arrangements if you prefer

-There is no additional cost to produce your ad, or change your ads throughout your campaign

-Campaigns requiring frequent updates (more than monthly content changes) may carry an additional fee

-We can produce an ad based on your notes or cues from a website, etc. OR work with you hands-on to create whatever custom audio you are looking for

-You are welcome to provide us with a pre-produced ad provided it is of the appropriate length and conforms to our broadcast standards

-We can use your voice or one of your employees, friends or family if you like. We also have a mix of voices avail to us here at LBR. If your campaign is time sensitive it is usually faster to allow us to use in-house voices rather than co-ordinate schedules with you

-You will be sent an mp3 of your ad for final approval before airing. In some cases where the campaign is time sensitive and a script has been approved the ad may start running when the demo is sent. Changes to the ad can still be made at this time.

-Regular clients and their events will be more likely to receive live mentions during broadcast and/ or be featured on the Long Beach Radio social media, as well as on

-Prices are subject to change

If you have any questions or would like to book a campaign please contact Mattnew McBride;

Phone: 604 220 8393

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