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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Live Online.... Long Beach Radio poised for WORLD DOMINATION

It's happened.... We're finally online so you can take you Vacation home with you, listen for westcoast news and special event. We're still working some bugs out so bare with us.  Can't wait to be able to share Whalefest, The Oneill Cold Water Classic and all sorts of other great West Coast Events with the world.  I've imbedded the player here, but in the long run you can click on the LISTEN LIVE link above.

Live TV : Ustream

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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Official Start To Tourist Season (West Coast Wheels)

Out here everyone has a different event that marks tourist season.  For some it's Whalefest, others Easter.  For many tourist season never stops as the Storm Watching movement continues to grow.  It's easy to tag it with the first whale sightings or backpacking hippie.  I prefer to use the "first tourist who back into the drainage ditch at 4th and Campbell in Tofino" method.

Guess that means it's started early this year.

This is a good lead in to a little West Coast Wheels segment.  I used to do these fairly regularly but there has been a lot of good stuff to put on the blog for a while so I've built up a bit of an inventory to share.  After all, many people listen to us while they tour around the coast in their rides.... let's see what their rides are...
This is a fancy electric truck that the Municipality of Tofino got a while ago... cute. In contrast....
That's right, a Hybrid Escalade, now that's "eco"

This thing cruised around town last summer. I think some lucky surf fan won it in a promotion.  Speaking of great custom paint jobs....

Not bad, but sometimes you just need some house paint and a little talent to take your truck from Zero to Hero
Sometimes however, a little house paint and an old car can make you look a bit of an idiot.
I hope that's a protest about corporate branding in reference to a specific German luxury car maker, cuz it sure aint a "peace sign"...

Sometimes it's not the paint you put on your car that makes it stand out.... sometimes it's something on the roof.... Like a big-ass chain saw

Oh, here's one from last summer, A WHALE!!!!


Haven't seen a lot of bikes this year so far but here are a few from last summer.... I love me a Ducati but I think the 10 year old in me liked this one because it says "Hypermotard" on it

 This Harley lives out here, love the matte finish, very "killer for hire"
 These cool beasts were parked in front of a local Whale Watching joint.... I assume their riders were wrangling whale to make a raft with to cross the Pacific, they'd already pulled the bikes behind them on rafts when they swam across the Atlantic I'm sure.

 I had some Bentleys and a Nissan GTR and such I was gonna tack on the end but that's just pure pornography.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunny Saturday at Long Beach Radio World Headquarters

I hear the surf is good today, there are a lot of fun loving young folks it town taking advantage of a week off college, and the sun is out in rare form. Sure it's cool, high of 7' or so today but a good dose of Vitamin D makes all the difference. I've been inspired to come down and be part of this lovely afternoon through the radio station. Call me with a request at 250 725 4411, twitter at us @LongBeachRadio, post on our Facebook group here or comment below

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've been told it's called snow...

It's snowing in Tofino!!!! I went outside and touched some, oddly it simply turns to harmless water.



I'll see if there is enough to make a pygmy snowman later on.

Canucks tonight at 5pm and Cam's last show for a few weeks as He's taking off for a bit. So tune in... if you dare!!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Interview With Raif Mair and Damien Gillis

Former BC Enviroment Minister Rafe Mair will be on the coast with Film Maker Damien Gillis this weekend. Here's and interview slated to run at 950am on Friday.

In other news, the weather has been dancing through snow, rain, sun, and hail for tha last little while. I'm not worried though, a few of the surf schools opened back up for the season today (some are also open year round). That makes me think of spring, so does marked increase in tourist traffic.

Don't forget to tune in for Justyna's "Music Makes Me Happy" tonight at 7pm.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

This is the first update for a while since we were posting our "most romantic place on the coast" entries.  Thanks to everyone who entered.  Thanks for sure to Erica for putting together "Love Club Radio Valentines Special" which you'll be able to hear tonight at 8, after the Canucks.

Recently we've had some new voices on the air and more coming in a few weeks. Justyna sat in for Cam last Thursday for a pilot of her show "Music Makes Me Happy", here on out you'll be able to catch up with her Wednesday Nights @ 7. Bastien Sim was back for his first show in a while last night, there were some glitches to say the least but He'll be hitting as mant Sunday nights as he can 7-9 as well.  Cam's still chugging along on his Thursday Night "Pirate Radio" adventures.  I've even started putting together album reviews for a late night album feature show soon.

Also, we're about 6 weeks away from having a regular afternoon and possibly weekend host in Carrie Ann for the summer, she's dusting off her current gig in corporate radio and coming out where the party's at.  Can't wait.

Whalefest is next month, the Canucks are kicking ass and the continuing battle to add some fun, fresh music to the library is going well.

Just a short update from Long Beach Radio-land. Thanks for listening