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Every Day Hourly starting at 7am: Tides, Surf, Weather, Road Conditions, Marine Weather

Weekdays 7,8,9,10am: The Morning Report: Featuring local news from

At the bottom of almost every hour 24-7: The Community Calendar, events in your back yard.

Weekdays Noon to 1: The MacDermott's Insurance Classic Lunch, The greatest songs in Rock and Roll keeping things light in the middle of the work day.

Mondays 7-9pm: Emre and "Fun For Everyone"... Emre seems to like reggae. Tune in for reggae, ska, a bunch of other fun and one of the friendliest guys aound. 

Tuesdays 9-11pm: Bass Face on Long Beach Radio; Join  DJ Triple-D, as we explore the world of electronic music. Find Bass Face on Facebook HERE and listen to mixes from past episodes HERE

Wednesday Nights from 7-9pm: Joe Bob brings you "Livin' on the Rock" Lots of Rock and Roll and a fine sense of humour. Follow Joe Bob on twitter @jaybe33 

Wednesday Nights from 9-11pm: "Crazy Fish" and "Fish Head Soup For The Soul" Great music featuring many indigenous artists and social commentary. The show has a Facebook page HERE and you can follow Krazy Fish on Twitter: @fishheadsoup4

Thursdays 7ish-?pm: Cam Dennison's world famous "Stumbling With Intent" What can I say... don't bother trying to email Cam... It's his body, He does what he wants.

(Some) Fridays at 10am: Tommy Curley.  A West Coast Radio Legend turns it up, burns some rubber and helps you feel good... feel real good!!!

Fridays at 8pm and Saturdays at Noon; Canada's Top 20 Countdown. Check out their site

Saturday Mornings 8-11; The Saturday Morning Oldies Party.  50s, 60s and a little more recent Canadiana

Sundays at 6pm: Brant Zwicker's "At The Crossroads" An hour of great blues music, here's the website

Monday to Thursday nights at 11: Old Time Radio. An hour of broadcasting from the golden age of radio, The Whistler, The Challenge of the Yukon and more... We're very interested in producing radio plays here on the coast.  Contact us if you'd like to get involved.

Daily at 8 and 9 AM; The Remote Passages Marine Excursions Marine Wildlife Report  A daily update from the waters of Clayoquot sound

Monday nights at midnight to Tuesday 3am; "Magic Mondays" three hours of Progressive Rock and Psychedelia. Here's a randomly selected sample hour;

If you would like to host a program on Long Beach Radio email: