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Monday, January 30, 2012

Geoff's "Love.Tofino" Video

I made this video for a "special project" not directly related to Long Beach Radio but thought that I would share is here anyway.  With Valentine's Day coming it seemed appropriate.

The song is 'Tofino' By Prairie Dance Club, and I don't own all the images.

Please share it if you like it and why not hop on Twitter or Facebook and tell us why you love Tofino and Ucluelet.

Thanks for listening to (and watching) Long Beach Radio.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clayoquot Morning Magic (a fisherman's tale)

I came across this short tale from an anomymous fisherman's experience in Clayoquot Sound. Thought I'd share.
"It was early as we headed out toward the fishing spot that had been so good to us the day before. The outboard motor was the only sound in the otherwise dark and silent waters of Clayoquot Sound, in a few minutes a stunning sunrise would burst over Catface Mountain... but for now we were navigating by GPS and the faint outlines of islands, barely visible at first light.

Bob, our keen eyed guide saw it first and eased up in the throttle. There on the beach was a large mammal. It was some ways off and the sky was too busy turning the faint, early rays of sun into fiery reds and oranges to deliver much light to us. Someone whispered it was probably a black bear, they are frequently found on the shore's of Clayoquot Sound, foraging for crab and other goodies at low tide.

As we moved closer it's grace struck me, I starting to doubt whether it was a bear at all. Perhaps it was one of the wolves that are know to prowl these beaches. While not an exceptionally rare event, a wolf sighting still takes my breath away... knowing that back home they've all been hunted out.
As the sun peeked over the mountain the animal turned and made it's way in silence to the treeline. Movements were like a large dog as it walked then as it made the final leap into the rainforest I got a sense of feline composure, precise strength and intentional stealth beyond what I'd seen in any wolf, an amazing feat of illusion... As if the cougar wanted to teach us tranquillity that morning. We carried on up the inlet without a word, no-one wanting to break the spell the massive cat had cast."

Makes me want to go fishing more. If you like fishing here are a few annual events you'd probably like to know about. In no particualar order;

The Ucluelet Salmon Ladder Derby is returning for it's 3rd season. It's a great summer long campaign with a ton of prizes

The Tofino Salt Water Classic is hosted by freshly gazetted Chicago Blackhawk, Brendan Morrison.  A one weekend derby that supports local initiatives

Tofino Legion Fishing Derby is one of the longest running on the coast, usually on August long weekend, it's a great event with a ton of history

Give them a look and thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Poetry, Haggis, International Fly Fishing and Your Blues Name

It's been a fun day. Between Robbie Burns Day, a visit from Ucluelet Fly Fisherman Morgan Thorp and a silly game to find your "Blues Name" we've had a lot to talk about.

We'll start with the silliest bit. Have a look at this chart to figure out your Blues Name.

Now that you've got that sorted out why not share it with us on Facebook or Twitter? Look on the right side of the site for portals to both.

Now to serious literary stuff. It's Robbie Burns day but I'm still not eating Haggis.... infact after watching this I may never eat anything agai

Robbie Burns wrote a poem called "Address to a Haggis" can it convince me to eat Haggis?


And Finally, Ucluelet's Morgan Thorp is heading to Tazmania in a few days to represent Canada in an International Fly Fishing Competition.  I talked to him this morning about how you can help him get there.... All you have to do is drink beer.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Magical Mister Martin on Long Beach Radio

We've had live food tasting on the radio, grape stomping, surf competitions, fishing derbies, boat blessings, knitting lessons, and a psychic but this morning we had our first magician. Meet Magical Mister Martin, one time westcoaster who has returned from years away imbued with magical power... (Kind of like Gandalf in the second book).  Sorry about my camera skills, running a mixer and camera at the same time was a little much for me.

Thanks for coming in Evans. Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio


Monday, January 23, 2012

Storm Advisory From The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

More stormy days coming. Be safe near the water. Here's an advisory from The Pacific Rim National Park's Visitor Experience Manager
Storm advisory extended for Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
to January 26, 2012
UCLUELET, January 23, 2012 – Parks Canada has extended a storm event advisory, warning the public to use extra caution on beaches, shorelines and ocean waters in and around the national park reserve through to Thursday, January 26th. The storm advisory was first issued on January 21st.
During this time period, storm-force winds are expected to reach up to 80 kilometres per hour. The most dangerous period of the day is likely to be at mid-day during high tide. Storm conditions are expected to peak on Wednesday (January 25th) with a high tide of 11.5 feet and large waves up to 25 feet in height, according to Environment Canada. These conditions could result in flooded beaches, floating logs, large waves breaking high up on shore and extremely hazardous surf conditions.

Due to fallen branches from storm damage in recent days, there are temporary closures in the park reserve:
  • Radar Hill is closed
  • Grice Bay is operating with one lane only
Depending of the severity of the storm, further areas may be temporarily closed to protect the public. Until that time, all other areas of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve remain open.

Visitors interested in viewing the storm are advised to use the following safer locations:
  • Kwisitis Visitor Centre’s Observation Deck at Wickaninnish Beach
  • Florencia Bay Lookout

Keith Morrison

Visitor Experience Manager

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve


Friday, January 20, 2012

Russell Crowe and Middle Aged Women Are Destroying Rock And Roll

This morning, while I should have been thinking of insightful things to say and planning a fluid schedule of great music (aka doing my job) I was instead, on Facebook. While on Facebook I saw a couple of videos posted by friends. These videos follow.

The official video from Gotye for “Somebody That I Used To Know”

And a web sensation cover of the same song by Canadian band Walk Off The Earth
I realized a few things at that moment;

First, I don't personally like either that much, but that isn't the point.

Second, I should probably record the weather forecast before I spend any more time screwing around on Facebook.

Third, Russell Crowe and middle aged women are ruining Rock and Roll.

Perhaps that requires a little more explanation. You see, the original song was a huge success in Australia (spending 8 weeks at number 1) and enjoyed respectable success around much of the rest of the world, in particular Europe and New Zealand. Most of this chart success came around summer of 2011, having mostly faded by the new year.

THEN Russell Crowe stepped in. According to Wikipedia Crowe, and a few other celeb types have been fans of Walk Off The Earth for years and Russell posted a simple tweet. The result was a gillion Russell Crowe fans, mostly middle aged women I assume went on the Internet, Googled the tune and ended up at the video above.  Then the Internet madness began, the video shoots to the top of search algorithms, lazy media people looking for a story (myself included) pick it up and, of course, the other "middle aged women's media" jumps on it (They're on Ellen on Monday).

So now a band that may have created a great deal of music, good or otherwise is being brought to the forefront of some very large (but not very Rock and Roll) audiences because they shot a novelty video.  Whoever shot the video of the damned talking dog should be bigger than The Beatles (and by extension Jesus) using the same logic

So I ask you Rock and Roll generation of today... are you going to let Russell Crowe, Ellen and people your mom's age dictate what succeeds in music?  Because that is what we're doing.  Every time we let a viral video, with limited music credibility decide what we listen to the bad guys win.
We got Justin Bieber from YouYube and I hope you agree that has become a huge problem.

We can also thank viral web media for this one

I'm not saying "WotE sucks". I haven't LISTENED to enough of their ACTUAL MUSIC to decide that, in fact here's a taste for yourself, with the record cover instead of a parlour trick for a visual.

Was that a great tune? Would you "share" that? Would you be more likely to share it if it had a video shot with treadmills

or a clever 1 take psuedo-bollywood dance number

And that's all fine, love a music video (or any art) for what it is, just don't mistake novelty for quality.  Certainly don't mistake fame or popularity for quality. I wish WotE all the best in their adventure in Rock and Roll, I hope they can use this momentum carry them further down the road of a life in music.  I hope that music lovers... listeners... simply remember to LISTEN, not to Russell Crowe or even to me but TO THE MUSIC and let the music tell them, not the hits on a YouTube video, what music is truly great.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Half Way Through The Season. Do You Want To See a Cancuks/ Bruins Final Again

It's a simple enough question. Do you want to see The Canucks take it to The Bruins this season. They did in their one regular season meeting and after watching this video I'd like to see them do it again in June. Thanks to Jon Stewart and whoever editted it together.

The next Canucks game is Saturday at 1 and we'll have it right here on Long Beach Radio, thanks for listening. -Geoff

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tofino Emergency Call Service Interview

First off, if you're looking for the lasted on the water in Tofino click HERE Here's the interview from this morning with Tofino Emergency Service Program Coordinator Eric Graham regarding the new Tofino Emergency Call Service and the freshly installed Tsunami Sirens.
More details on the program check out Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tofino Water Situation Downgraded, Water Boiling Still Advised North of Industial Way

Here's the latest press release from The District of Tofino regarding the water situation;

2012-January-12, 4:30pm

For Immediate Release



The Boil Water Order for areas north of Industrial Way has been rescinded and a Water Quality Advisory is now in place for this area. All people with compromised immune systems are still advised to boil water for 2 minutes at a rolling boil.

It is recommended that all residents of Tofino follow these recommendations:

Remove all aerators form faucet spout’s and rinse.

Replace all cartridges in cartridge type water filters

Replace all counter top water purifiers

Flush all water using fixtures for 1 minute before use i.e. ice machines, direct connected coffee machines

Flush hot water tank to clear sediment

For further information contact the District of Tofino at:

District Office 250-725-3229

Public Works Yard 250-725-4212

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boil Water Order for Tofino PARTIALLY Lifted

Here's the latest on Tofino's water situation from the District



VIHA has approved the rescinding of the Boil Water Order for all areas south of Industrial Way (low pressure zone).

The boil water order remains in effect for all areas north of Industrial Way (high pressure system) until further notice. Information will be available on the District website at

The District in conjunction with VIHA will continue to monitor the water system on a daily basis.

For further information please contact the District office at 250-725-3229 or Public Works at 250-725-4212.

Press release issued 10:30am, Monday, January 10, 2012



The District of Tofino

If you're wondering what to do after a boil water order has been lifted here's a link with some info from VIHA

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Monday, January 9, 2012

Update To The Tofino Boil Water Order


Here is a new press release from the Tofino District as of 4:30pm Monday, January 1st.


For Immediate Release



The District of Tofino’s water supply is a surface water system and thus directly affected by significant precipitation such as Tofino experienced on January 3rd. Heavy rainfall can cause an increase in the turbidity of the water turning the water murky.

On January 9th, at 12:30 pm District staff inspected the water sources on Meares Island (Close Creek, Number 1 Creek and Sharp Creek) that supply water for the Bay Street pump house; which in turn supports the high pressure water system (north of Industrial Way). Both Close and Sharp Creeks had NTU’s above 5 (a measure of turbidity) which is above the limits set by VIHA for acceptable turbidity levels in a potable water system. Close Creek showed signs of heavy water flow, scouring and siltation. The Sharp reservoir itself appeared relatively clear but the creek feeding the reservoir was heavily silted. Weather permitting; District staff will be conducting a visual inspection of the watercourses above the reservoir in the next couple of days for evidence of a landslide, or other obstruction.

The test results of the water samples sent to VIHA on January 4th, 5th and 6th show no sign of fecal coliform or e coli bacteria.

The District is currently flushing the low pressure side of the District (south of Industrial Way) with clean treated water from the Ahkmahksis water treatment plant. The flushing is providing positive results in lowering the NTU (turbidity) to levels acceptable to VIHA. District staff has separated the low and high pressure water systems to isolate the low pressure system in order to prevent the turbidity from the high pressure system from entering the low pressure system.

The boil water order will be in effect until further notice. Information will be available on the District website at For further information please contact the District office at 250-725-3229 or Public Works at 250-725-4212

Press release issued 4:30pm, Monday, January 09, 2012

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio

Friday, January 6, 2012

What's Your (Likely) Embarassing Birthday Song?

Before we start having fun if you are looking for info regargind the BOIL WATER ORDER IN TOFINO click HERE.

Now, on to the silliness. About once a year this floats around the social media world. The idea is that you go on the Internets and figure out what the #1 song was on your birthday according to Billboard.  Once that information is attained you find the song on YouTube and post it on your Facebook page and everyone has a good laugh.  Well, we're gonna do one better.  Share you "birth song with us here at Long Beach Radio and I'll use the songs to program the morning show next week.  You can share by posting a comment below this post, emailing me, posting on our Facebook page, or tweeting it at us.

To get things rolling I've found mine and Elby's;  So here we are, the #1 song according to Billboard on September 11th, 1981;

For Elby I just had to use the #1 for the year 1972 since we don't know exactly when she was born/ manufactured;

We've had quite a few "Birthday Number 1" songs come in, mostly from Twitter. Here are a few of them; From one of our great local hosts Joe Bob (@JayBe) we get this treat;

Local Photographer Marnie Recker (@marnierecker) came into the world to the soundtrack of 'Grease' from Frankie Valli

Listener Kristina Klotz (@xtinaklotz) has a pretty cool one with Billie Jean

Samantha, another listener on Twitter (@samxmalone) has a pretty good one from The Police

Tofino Guide (@tofino_bc) posted theirs with a little trivia " BdaySong: Seasons in the Sun; Terry Jack. Made Kurt Cobain cry as a kid. Was 63 on AOL Radio's 100 worst songs of all time."

Brian Carriere (@Brian_BCX) wound up with this headache inducing number from Diana Ross

Samantha McBride (@samanthbmcbrid) was kind enough to share the fact that she was born with Tiffany playing on the nurses station radio

Local musician Duncan Booth (@duncanadambooth) was disappointed to learn his musical life started auspiciously thanks to Kim Carnes

Over at Knits By The Sea (@knitsbythesea) she rings in her birthday with some Pink Floyd

And finally for local artist and loyal listener Marla Thirsk;

Just kidding Marla, here it is for real

Think yours is better (read worse)? Share it with us and We'll share it with the world.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boil Water Order Issued for Entire District of Tofino

The boil water ORDER has now been expanded to the ENTIRE DISTRICT! Here is the prerss release;


Effective Date: JANUARY 4TH, 2012

Please note that WATER for DOMESTIC PURPOSES (drinking, cooking, etc.) should be boiled before consumption. The boiling water should be at a rolling boil for a minimum TWO MINUTES.

District of Tofino staff are continually monitoring the water supply system and will provide updates as they become available.

This order will be in effect until further notice. Information will be available on the district web site

For further information contact the
District of Tofino at:
District office 250-725-3229, Public works yard 250- 725-4212



For Immediate Release



Over a period of 24 hours from 7:00am, January 03 to 7:00am, January 04 the District of Tofino experienced 180mm of heavy rainfall, which resulted in a boil water order due to increased turbidity in the water system. The January 04 precipitation amount represents the greatest 24 hr rainfall event in Tofino since 1982; the volume of rain on January 04 was 97% greater than the January daily average for precipitation.

This afternoon, VIHA has informed the District that the results of the water samples taken at 11:00 am on January 4th have come back clean and clear. There were no signs of total coliform or e coli in these samples. However, the District-wide Boil Water Order is still in effect due to the relatively high turbidity levels still in the system. District staff will be meeting with VIHA on Monday morning to re-evaluate the situation.

The turbidity levels throughout the District have decreased significantly over the past 48 hours (from a high of 65NTU to between 0.21 NTU and 17 NTU at the south and north ends of town respectively as of 8:00am this morning). The water treatment plant is running 24 hrs a day flushing the low pressure side (south of Industrial Way) of the water distribution system with clear water.

The boil water order will be in effect until further notice. Information will be available on the District website at For further information please contact the District office at 250-725-3229 or Public Works at 250-725-4212

Link to VIHA:

Press release issued 3:40pm, Friday, January 06, 2012
Listen to Long Beach Radio for updates

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rainy Day on The West Coast

It's raining like madness today.  In fact there is a heavy rainfall warning in effect.  So I guess you should be sure to put on your wetsuit and bring a snorkel if you're heading out of the house today.

 I've got to catch up on some work around the studio so I won't be venturing out for some video documentation but here's a video from a big storm this spring.

In other news we got a press release regarding the upcoming "Hat Trick Edition" of the Tofino Saltwater Classic. Here it is in all its majesty;

The Third Annual Tofino Saltwater Classic Fishing Derby Fundraiser

Set for July 7 8, 2012

NHL's Brendan Morrison to Host West Coast Vancouver Island Event

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada, January 3, 2012 – Canadian professional ice hockey centre Brendan Morrison with the Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League today announced that he will again host the Tofino Saltwater Classic Fishing Derby fundraising event to be held for the third consecutive year in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, from July 7 – 8, 2012.

To date, the Saltwater Classic has raised more than $45,000 to support Tofino community initiatives including the Wickaninnish School Parent Advisory Council’s Healthy Lunch Program, the Tofino General Hospital Foundation, The Tofino Parks and Recreation department and the Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society.

"I’m really pleased that the Saltwater Classic continues to be such a popular and positive event,” said Tofino Saltwater Classic Fishing Derby host, Brendan Morrison. "My family and I look forward to again welcoming anglers from all over the world to the pristine waters around Tofino for this year's derby.”

Open to pre-registered participants, the Tofino Saltwater Classic $250 entry feeincludes a celebratory dinner and silent auction hosted by Brendan Morrison on July 7. Anglers will compete for up to $12,000 in cash prizes awarded in five categories:

  • Three largest Chinook salmon
  • Largest Coho salmon
  • Largest halibut

The remainder of the entry fee proceeds, along with the proceeds from the silent auction, will support a number of Tofino community initiatives.

About the Tofino Saltwater Classic

In its third year, the Tofino Saltwater Classic fishing derby was created by the National Hockey League's (NHL) Brendan Morrison as a fundraiser for Tofino community initiatives. Participant entry forms and other information can befound at

About Tofino

Tofino is a year-round travel destination on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Bounded by the open Pacific Ocean, Pacific RimNational Park Reserve and the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Tofino is known for its miles of pristine beaches and unparalleled adventures, including whale and wildlife watching, saltwater and freshwater fishing, surfing, kayaking, boating, hiking, and winter storm watching.

Event Contact

Shawna Gardham
p: 604.928.5013

Media Contact

Lynda Kaye
Kaye Public Relations for the Tofino Saltwater Classic

p: 250.725.2035

Looking forward to covering the event again this year.  Well, I'm going to see how Elby is doing out in the rain and settle into a day of indoor fun/work.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.