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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Own Cam Dennison's Film For "Art For An Oil Free Coast"

You might know Cam as the host of Thursday night's "Stumbing With Intent" right here on Long Beach Radio but he's also a film maker! Cam's the guy behind Strongheart Productions. You may recall a chat we had a while back about a trip he was taking up to The Great Bear Rain Forest, if not here it is;

Well, he's since returned and been editing like crazy! The results are going to be shown for the first time EVER at The Vancouver International Film Festival next week. If you're curious about what to expect here's a 2 minute trailer;


More information about the project and how you can help fund the distribution and production of the film can be found here.

Good luck Cam! Looks great!

Tune in for Cam's show most Thursday nights at 7 and Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are You a Good Person? Do You Like Beer?

The Marina West Motel's annual Beerfest is this weekend and I've got these 2 ticket to the SOLD OUT event but I can't go. Instead of selling them like a jerk I'm going to give you a chance to win them in exchange for a good deed.  Simply send me an email at and tell me what charitable or community building thing you are willing to do to get them.  We'll pick one and announce the winner AND what they claimed they would do on the morning show Thursday.

So there's our little charity style giveaway thingy... don't forget you can also be a good person without the promise of free beer.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thanks, The PRAS Cultural Heritage Festival, Remembering Gael

Before we get down to business I just want to thanks a few people for making our transmitter failure on Friday as painless as possible;

First, Tofino Public Works made arrangements so I wouldn't have to carry a 50lb transmitter up a gravel road to replace the old one.

Second, LBR's owner Matthew who ran all around the Vancouver area early on a busy day to wrangle up the parts and keys and things I needed to do the job done.

Third and most essentially, Orca Airways for getting the transmitter out here post haste!! Thanks ever so much, otherwise the weekend would have been much quieter in Tofino.

Now on to new business. Through this weekend the Pacific Rim Arts Society is hosting a Cultural Heritage Festival with a lot of work shops, films, and other events. You should really have a look at the schedule HERE. The prominent local art forms covered are cedar weaving and carving but there are a lot of other things to check out.

Also, for those who wish to celebrate the life of beloved local Gael Duchene there is a public Celebration of Life event scheduled for this Saturday at The Tofino Botanical Gardens. While the event is free and open to all they are asking people to RSVP via this facebook page so they can plan for the numbers.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're Back!!!

Actually, we have been since yesterday afternoon.. Thanks to Orca Airways for flying us out a new transmitter to get on the air in Tofino!! Better blog update soon.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. -Geoff

Friday, September 21, 2012

Technical Problems in Tofino

An unknown problem has knocked our Tofino signal offline.  Our Ucluelet broadcast and webcast seem fine. So, if you are in Tofino and can't live without us please tune in using the player on the right.  We're working on it but can't estimate when service will be restored at this time.  Thanks for you patience.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio. (Or trying to anyway) -Geoff

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Local's Summer!!!

More a brag post than a blog post... Look at THIS

It's gonna be great week, enjoy it!  If you live elsewhere, come visit. If you can't make it you can listen to us talk about how great it is right here :P

Short and sweet, Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New 'Local Voices' Segment!!

Hi folks, Geoff here. I've been sick for a few days now with a cold that's been going around... I don't feel particularly bad but I have lost my voice almost completely. Being a radio guy and not having a voice is pretty lame, it's difficult to make ads and host shows when your voice is a mix of Super Dave Osborne, Tom Waits and a kitten.
This and a few recent conversations with listeners got me thinking...

Why don't I talk less and let the community talk more?

So here's the idea;  If you have a non-commercial message you would like to share, a love note, an opinion, a poem, rant, or song request.  If you need to apologize for something or send out a birthday wish or want to share your favourite recipe or a gardening tip. Maybe you want to congratulate a local sports team or newlywed couple, complain about a new stop sign or tell the world about your charity bake sale here's what you do.

-Record your message using your laptop, cell phone, mp3 player or other device and email it to with "Local Voices" as the subject.

-MP3 format is best but almost anything will work.

-Keep your message clean and don't name names if your message has negative things to say about others.

-Try to keep it short and don't be a racist, homophobe or other sort of insensitive prick and we'll get it on the air. 

-We won't identify the author of the message but it will be played as is, in your voice so you will not be completely anonymous, you can of course identify yourself if you want.

-We reserve the right to decide which messages are broadcast

I'm still working on the details regarding when these messages will run, I guess we'll make that call based on how many we get.

I can't wait to hear from you and share more Local Voices with the Long Beach Radio audience.

Thanks for listening to Long Beach Radio.  -Geoff